Belly dance by men…

Belly dance by men…

             Once, I attended a very interesting circus in Florida. Prior to the show there was a concert which was performed in a funny oriental style. It was an amusing spectacle,  which made the whole audience in the foyer to laugh so hard. Men’s belly dance .

Originally, the dance was a woman’s priority – I mean, that was in the old time. But with times a changing in a  modern world, where a man can look like a woman, and a woman looks like a man, and men can dance a belly dance much better than some of the women.

              But in this case, it was “the first” males dance, when they had no clue how to dance this dance professionally. What impressed me most, was the American males mentality and how much they enjoyed the fun, in front of many people. There were many males who wanted to try to dance that they had to be chosen by a professional female dancer.
They danced so comically and even didn’t  hesitate, knowing that the entire audience will be on the ears from laughing! 🙂

By Elena Sunnysmile