Coco Chanel is the way of verifying the rise from poverty to prosperity.

Coco Chanel is the way of verifying the rise from poverty to prosperity.

She cardinally changed the fashion’s world of the 20th century. Her legacy is alive in these days. Gabrielle Chanel, like her sisters and brothers  is illegitimate and grew up in a workhouse , and after hers mother’s death, lived in a shelter , and then in the monastery.
When she could no longer stay in the guest house, because of her age, she was hired as а seamstress for a small town studio, Moulin. She got her nickname “Coco”, when she performed songs on stage variety show. Here she got noticed by one of officers of the garrison, which was staying in the town. It was her she got her chance.

Within a year, she was living on his estate, communicating with some of the most famous people in France and she became a great horsewoman. While this was a wonderful time in her life ,by staying there , she did not see a future for a personal career. Coco decided to follow her next man fan to Paris, who loved her and opened a millinery shop. Then in 1913 she opened a woman’s dress shop. Her comfortable, low lost and elegant dresses were very popular and she had many happy customers.

It was the first collection was created by a female fashion designer. Now World War 1 started in next summer. Coco found a style for this situation too. She created a wonderful women’s collection from a jersey fabric and woolen knitwear (including sewing  ), which were used for man’s underwear. These fabric were only more available in this time  and she had a brilliant success .

In 1923, she moved into another market, perfume. She released the most expensive perfume in the world, “Chanel 5”. Then is 1926, the famous little black dress, chic and stylish women pants She became a symbol of women’s freedom. Now, 1939 was the beginning of the Second World War. May 40th the Germans marched into France, and then in Paris. Coco hoped that the experience of the last war would help her get trough this one too. With the fashion world turned upside down, she had to go to Switzerland  as the fashion world had relocated there.

In 1954 she happen to come across a collection of Christian Dior and she decided her time come again, at the age of 75. She created a new collection and American are delighted. Broadway even wants to make a musical about her life .

Over time, Europe got back on its feet and the  House of Chanel became an empire of fashion. For the second time in a century she made a fortune.
” Chanel – is not a fashion. Chanel – a style ! Fashion goes out of fashion, a style – never”.

COCO transformed her life by being confident and persistent. She had many barriers to over come, but she never lost site of her goal.

By  Elena Reed