Be careful with dating sites and how to be safe with them.

My goal in this article is to give advice to people who are looking for a serious relationship, on many of the dating sites. It would best to realize the disappointments that they may face and to warn them of the possible misleading information they may encounter. I agree with those who believe that it is best to get acquainted in the real world and it is most effective . But no one will deny that the dating sites occupy a niche and enough people use them, in the purse different goals.

Those who hopes to meet on the Internet, for a serious relationship, it is useful to know that the majority of registered users, are those who people is going to see and meet in real life, but only spend there time to get pleasure from the correspondence and improve their self-esteem . If one would add the pleasure seekers, married users, one night standers and the gold diggers, one would realize that these are close to 80% of the users. Thus the people who are looking for a serious relationship, your odds are 2 in 10. Think of online connections as a game . This mindset will help to more adequately respond to this situation in the future.

1. Be sure you input the correct search criteria It will refine your search to who honestly declare their purpose of dating. If it would seem that “happiness is near”, a huge number of profiles that match your wishes, with beautiful photos and engaging text , but … it’s just the beginning . Among these profiles there will be a lot of people who hide their true purpose and they will not be whom they claim to be. Many photos will be old and the people will overrate their looks.

2 . Look at the person profile. If the person has bee registered for several years, this is should be a alarm. Why after several years, have they no found the right person?

3 . You have chosen a suitable questionnaire, wrote the first letter. What to do next ? I suggest not to get involved in a long conversation, and offer to phone or chat on Skype , citing the fact that you are so much more convenient . If a person starts to give up, says he was not ready or something like that, here is another alert. Most likely , these are the people who get pleasure from the process of correspondence or they could be married, and can not speak freely. Just speaking to each other very important, and maybe ready for the next step.

4 . An appointment in a safe place would benefit both parties. Make it for coffee for 1/2 hour. At this meeting, things would become clearer. If a person pulls walks If you meet is important for a person , then out after the 1/2 hours is up, chances are they are not the one for you. However, if the person would like to be with you longer, then you may have reason for a second meeting.

5. If a person, man or woman talks about his financial difficulties, loans, and unemployment, someone may be looking for a sugar daddy, or sugar momma.

6. Do not lose your head, perform a detailed analysis after the meeting and be honest with yourself .

7. If you starting dating and you should keep notice of the little things. How they react to pressure and the way the children react to him or her. Things like this can give to an indicator of what is yet to come. If you should feel some is wrong, then it would be better to terminate the relationship, before you fall in love.

8. Writing people who are in prison. I don’t want to classify that all prisoners are the same, but in many cases, most of them are looking for women that would their sex partner and support them after his release. Also, realize that a high percentage of the release prisoners do not adapt well into a civil society. A large number will continue to commit crimes, because that his all they know. Many will do this because they can make in the inside verse the outside.

9. Meeting and dating others from another country. I know that mainly older men dream of a young Asian or Russian wife. There is nothing wrong with that, just beware of the sticker shock. First, they may say they speak English, but you will find they no very little. Next, you’ll have to deal with immigration. The fees will shock you. If she happens to have kids, and most of them do, the fees will apply to them to. Now airfare, your talking at least 1100 dollars just to get them here. Once in this country, you will have to send them to a school that offers, english as a second language.

10.Driving, they will need lesson, as most of them don’t own a car, and have never driven. Now, lets not forget her parents. Most people from Russia and Asian live a poor life. She may ask you to provide some assistance to help her family out, usually, its the mother and/or sister who has children she can not afford. Back to immigration fees, it not only cost you a visa fee, but once she is here, the real expenses start. Now, if your made of money, and this is your desire, then go for it. One last note, many will marry any man just to get out of their country. And after awhile, when they find someone better, they will leave, with 1/2 of your assets.

11. Do not forget about dating in real life, happiness can smile from where you least expect it. A church, a grocery our places to start.
By Elena Reed