How to find the right gift for that special one?

right gift

How to find the right gift for very special one?

The reason for writing this article is based on a real story.
After my wedding, I moved into my husband’s house and began to organize it.. The last room was the attic. It was filled with very many small and large boxes.

As I started to open some of boxes, I noted the contents looked like gifts. Some of them had receipts, and some had greeting cards. Many were around 20 years old. Most of these gifts were new. I asked my husband about them and he said that all of the gifts were given to him and his late wife by relatives, friends, co-workers, but they could never find the right spot for them. Seeing this, got me to thinking…

In general a gift is the message of our respect and special feelings we have towards the receiver.. There are many reasons for giving, Gell Well, Christmas, New Year’s, Mother and Father’s day, birthday, wedding, a baptism , baby shower, and new home. Other events to be celebrated could be a job promotion, purchase of a new car or even your sports team victories.

I’ve always enjoyed and been able to surprise all of my friends with my choices. I love giving gifts, especially the ones I design and build while personalizing them for each unique event. We all know, that gift like these can work Magic because it shows you really care!
Knowing this my passion, my friends encouraged me to open my own business and create for others these types of gifts. You can see my creations here.

My experience and my professional knowledge of psychology has taught me how analyze people’s reaction after receiving such gifts.
Here are some tips, which will help you save, time and money while searching for the perfect gift.

1. There is a connection between the human psyche and a gift, which makes a collective image, and shows the human personality and their hobbies. Take notice of the person whom you want to give a gift to , things they like, their hobbies, and some wishes and desires…

2. Once you determined the perfect gift, wether buying or having it made to order, do it in advance. This way you will be prepared for the day of celebration.

3. Always try to give a gift that fits the receivers personality. Never give something which is designed to be used by whole family. This is a celebration of a particular person with their individual wishes and desires.

4. The most popular gifts today are handmade. They show your special relationship to people you want to surprise. You can’t buy these kind gifts off the shelf. That is why they will be the most valuable and memorable gifts. Do you need an example? Look here!

5. Do not regift. I witnessed one of these situations. A guest recognized a gift, which she had given to another, who was regifting. I could she was highly insulted.

6. Packing of a gift is very important. Bright and festive wrapping makes a beautiful first impression. It’s so interesting to unwrap these gifts, waiting for something special. All gifts have a purpose to bring happy emotions. Take your time to wrap it with care, tie with ribbons, apply a bow or trim with holidays ornaments.

7. Chose quality over quality when selecting a gift. This is the best way to demonstrate your level of respect and feelings towards the receiver..

Remember, a gift – it is the special way to show Love and Respect to the person you want to give it. It has to be bright, memorable and impressive!
In the next article, you’ll learn how to pick the perfect gift for that special lady. Knowing her preferences and perception of the world is the key. Such gift will win her heart and will leave unforgettable feeling of joy and gratitude!