Hey girls, stop losing weight :) Skinny body doesn’t mean woman’s beauty.

Stop losing weight, girl!  🙂 Skinny body doesn’t mean woman’s beauty.

“Hey girls, stop losing weight! We should look the way so a man wants to eat us  up and not to feed us”.

 “If a man can carry you to the bed, you are in a great shape! If not, change that goner for a normal man”.

 “Good men, like mushrooms, are always hidden!  There’re only toad stools on the surface”.

 Ah, That Slender Waist! Is It Always a 100% of Success?

 The issue of losing weight is one of the most burning woman’s issues. Some are dieting to the state of madness, and after reaching “wonderful results”, undergo mental health counseling and treat stomachache; some are quite happy with their dress size 14. As they say  – “It’s a stick of two ends!” The opinion of ladies who live happily despite all those “extra pounds” is definitely respect-worthy.

Indeed, is happiness only about a slim figure?

Some plump/corpulent women have complexes about it, and for no reason at all.  As there are plenty of men, who like plump women. It’s true that our health depends on how well we take care of ourselves, but there are a lot of sick thin women. They exhaust themselves starving, after which they cannot figure out why in their young age they have grayish cheeks, unhealthy skin color, and dull unattractive hair. For the sake of the dress size! Do you really need it?

 I have one friend, who likes to accentuate, that she is very slim and strives to be the model for all her girl-friends. Oh, well…Once, my husband and I arrived to one quiet unpretentious restaurant, not too crowded, but with a very good food. I was sitting looking through the people around and …oh, my goodness! I should better have not come here! In the remote corner of that restaurant there was a husband of “that model” having dinner with another lady, who was twice the size of his wife. No, it was definitely not a business meeting, it was a date – his eyes were sparkling, like the eyes of a cat in spring, and she would not stop chirping and laughing winsomely. He was touching her hand gently from time to time…and then …he noticed me. His eyes rounded, he cast a fearful glance… while I pretended that.  I had not noticed them. Thanks goodness my husband had his back towards them, because he would have gone to say hello, as all Americans do when they see an acquaintance. The couple quickly paid and left hastily, forgetting about tips. We were informed about it by the displeased waitress, which by ill fate was serving our table as well.

I decided to tell this story on purpose…and not for a gossip’s sake, but to show an example for those who think that a slender figure is a token of love and adoration from men, which is a MYTH invented by those slim beauty models.

 The thing is that it’s not about a slim figure, my dear lady-friends! It’s about kindness of a heart, radiating from a woman. It’s about her ability to be a woman – warm, sincere, playful, affectionate, sexy… Cold, haughty, concerned about her slender figure woman is not a role model, so let’s not have inferiority complexes about our 10-14 size figures. Every Jack has his Jill.

 Remember this and try to better yourself as a person, be an interesting company, manage to be yourself, and don’t forget that the Lord made each of us unique, one of a kind…for the one of a kind who is with you, or is on his way to find you. A dream-woman – is a personality, with a sparkling glance, happy eyes, self-confidence, is the one who is fun and interesting to be around, who makes a man to feel like he is in the heaven…

Be daring and do not feel inferior of your dress size!

 Elena Reed