Learn how shop correctly.

Learn how shop correctly!

People buy nature are emotional creatures!

Thus, sometimes when they are shopping, their emotions play a large part in their selection. Now when they are shopping, one of the most common problems is, people do not know how to spend money. After some time they are able to rejoice at the sight of their purchases, and not think about the money spent on it, this is their second mistake. It is repeated every day and it seems they can’t do anything about it.

So what is the reason for these habits of constantly making a hasty purchases? Most likely, they just dazzled at the sight of the store shelves, and they absolutely forget about why they are there. It does not have to be a disease, not if all of the above is familiar to you, it does not mean that they are a shopaholic, however it could be possible, they are probably just someone who has experienced salesmen , who earn the bulk of their money through a variety of beautiful signage, discounts for advance inflated prices and other such marketing moves. But now ii does not have to be this way. A person can teach themselves to ignore the facts that under their feet , and to see what is right under their nose. It’s about advertising signs, of course. Do not take everything literally.


In fact, it is not necessary to try to avoid advertising signs and shop windows with the inscription, SALE, during that moment people need make a purchase. But passing buy the way, one can safely look at all those gorgeous products people attracted to. Now people can learn how to shop more intelligently and how to spend their money more wisely.

So, imagine that you went to the store, for a major purchase, lets say a new refrigerator. First, if you can, do not wait until the old one is failing. Refrigerators will last 10-12 years. Thus, if the time is getting close, you will not be purchasing when you a desperate, and have no other choice. Now before you leave home , I advise you to calculate the family budget and the amount of money you can spend on the refrigerator or any other purchases you need.

When calculating your budget, do not forget to take into account the miscellaneous daily expenses, travel, spending on entertainment, unforeseen needs of your home. After calculating your fixed expenses, and all the miscellaneous then you can figure what you can spend on any purchase, major or not. Once you have completed this step, do research on the product you wish to purchase. Be it online or in the store, find out which retailer has the best price. Ask questions about price guarantee. Many retailers offer price matching or have a 30 day low price guarantee.

I think almost everyone has a number of shopping centers and boutiques, which they like to visit most frequently and are certainly aware of the quality of their products. You should aways consider quality versa quantity. Even though the quality item is more expensive, you do not have to pay full retail. Many times I have gotten to know the sales person and now they all let me know when the sales are happening. However, if you choose quantity, over time, yes, you will have more clothes, but you will have more invested in them, than if you would have bought quality items.


Please remember two things, you dress cheap, you look cheap, you buy cheap, after a few washing, you will turn it into a rag. Also remember, be proactive about you budget. I hope you have enjoy my article, and I wish you nothing but success on your next shopping experience.

Elena Reed