Tea benefits and harms .

Tea benefits

Tea benefits and harms .

The Internet and the media are filled by different opinions about the benefits of dangers of tea. Some studies contradict other. 

I have found several interesting “thoughts “ about this topic and would like to share its with you. So.. lets start from tea benefits and then you decide. 

Benefits of tea: 

  1. Tea relieves fatigue, stimulates metabolism and normalizes heart activity, treats the blood vessels, normalizes our nervous and digestive system. 
  2. Tea has the ability to reduce weight and improve skin condition. The most well-proven Y-long tea (Black Dragon). 
  3. Tea has useful trace elements which are substantially not found in other food products: fluoride, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, calcium. 
  4. Tea inhibits the growth of malignant tumors, significantly reduces the risk of degeneration of cells in cancer. 
  5. Tea inhibits the formation of fatty deposits on the inner surface of blood vessels, so reducing the risk of hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral thrombosis. 
  6. Tea has this necessary element for pregnant women – zinc. 
  7. The leaves of tea have the ability to give the effects of rejuvenation, 17 times more than the capacity of vitamin E. 
  8. The tea has a beneficial effects on the cells, slows their aging, thus prolonging life. 
  9. Tea contains tannin, which kills a lot of bacteria, thus prevents stomatitis, sore throat, enteritis and other intestinal infections. 
  10. Tea has been used in cataract prevention. 

We all noticed, that tea has the ability to cool us down. It is noticed, after drinking a cup of hot tea, skin temperature decreases with a feeling of coolness and freshness.

Harm of  tea: 

  1. Very hot tea burns the internal organs. Because of the powerful stimulation of the throat, stomach and esophagus tea can begin the painful changes in these organs. 
  2. The best tea has to be prepared from pure water, not just from water top.
  3. Boiled water kill not only harmful substances in tea, but also useful ones turning into “dead tea”.
  4. The best tea should be drunk 20 minutes after making and after 20 minutes tea begins oxidation of aromatic components, phenol, lipids, essential oils. 
  5. Black tea can change color of the teeth if you drink it frequently. Drinking large quantities of great tea for a long time destroyed the enamel on the teeth. 
  6. Strong tea contains a lot of  thine and caffeine and it can cause headaches or insomnia. 
  7. Strong tea can bring some problems for heart and stimulate the secretion of gastric juice in large quantities. 
  8. Green tea has a fixing property, so people who are suffering from constipation have to be careful when drinking it a lot.
  9. Avoid drinking hot tea when you have high temperature. The theophylline in tea can raise the body temperature. 
  10. People, who have low blood pressure, should avoid drinking a lot of great tea. Because tea can even lower your blood pressure even more.

Be healthy, happy and enjoy your healthy lifestyle!

By Elena Reed