Pride is a mortal sin, and how I was able to overcome it.

Pride is as a mortal sin, and  how I was able to overcome it.

The story that happened to me six years ago, it is a continuation of my first story, which turned my concept of the world, upside down. This gave me one more confirmation that a higher power does exist, and it leads us through out our entire life. I have no intention to question someone in their faith – this should come to their heart and not necessarily immediately. My story is about, how I had to break my pride, which prevented me to live and enjoy life.

I thank God every day of my life and for every situation, he brings me, independently of the degree of its influence on my ego. Living in forgiveness makes even the biggest disappointment or frustration, as the next step to success. This has allowed me to stop worrying and start living in peace with myself. Continue reading…